Hong Kong Phooey

A session on Sunday brought 3 leads and 3 responses; a Canadian, a Romanian and a Hong Kong girl. The HK girl was around 5 foot and just dressed like she’d be dirty. Being my 8th approach of 10 I was quite socially lubricated. I caught her walking away from Covent Garden towards the royal courts and bantered about her being from Hong Kong.

The set was far from clean, but she gave a good response, I tried for an instant date but she came up with the silly excuse of being too full for a drink. Funnily, out of the 3 girls she gave the best response to the feeler text.

I got her out yesterday evening, taking her to Tottenham court road (I learned on school nights not to take girls to places where venues are too far apart). She arrived with slutty short shorts. I wanted to rip them off.


filthy little thing.

From her actions, she wasn’t massively into me, but I ran through the motions of teasing incessantly and escalating, which she didn’t give any resistance to. In the second venue I made out with her. she wasn’t super into it, but I just kept going through the motions.

At the final venue – a famous daygamer hotel venue in Trafalgar sq., the waitress recognised me from the times I had brought many dates there before. She looked at me and said “Heineken?”, I smiled and responded “Yes, please”. We all had a nice chat, she’d given me a bad look a time before – but this time, she was winging me as she had done when she gave myself and the Spanish opare a free cocktail on Valentine’s day.

The girl and I moved over to the sofa once free and she fell on my arm. It was on.

After my drink, I paid and we left, she wanted to take the tube back to hers, I said “no, you’re coming with me”. She wouldn’t take a bus so to win the war, I just ordered an Uber. She started to do the same – I told her it would be cheaper from mine, hoping that would give me some time. It didn’t, the driver couldn’t find us and when he did, the entire journey was spent talking Uber. This popped the bubble and when we arrived at mine, she stayed in the car. Both myself and the driver were bemused.


The end of a dry spell of sorts

Two weeks ago, Mr H and I we were sitting in the Grosvenor Casino ordering, winding down from a daygame session. I’d done a handful of approaches – I may have gotten a close.

As we were dissecting our day, I came to the sudden realisation. I hadn’t been on a date from daygame since the Spaniard. I came close in May, but that never came through. I sat there in shock for a few minutes thinking how’d I gone that long, scouring through my phone for even the smallest indication. Nothing. Absolutely fuck all.

It’s not that I haven’t had dates, or even had lays. So far I’ve had a Canadian, Spaniard, Algerian, South Korean, Persian and a Nigerian – who was my first black girl. The last four are tinder birds and although they’re 6.5 to 7s, the quality is just not good enough. I see the birds the City Daygame lot and Roy Walker lays and goddamn, I’m jealous.

As a result of this realisation, I went in harder, did more approaches, I recorded some sets and I ended the daygame date dryspell.

A few days later, Mr H and I decided to do some solo daygame and meet each other a bit later. Music playing in my ear, I did my first approach – it was a bit shit. The second however was alot better, she was from South Korea and not very talkative, but I ploughed on. I later found out she ended up walking around London for hours and had gotten lost, it felt like a failure taking her number instead of instant dating.

I did another three, meeting up with Mr H before stumbling across a leggy English pre-uni student. By this stage I was conversationally warmed up, the chat was good, with a decent amount of banter. I took the number.

Over the next week, the girl was a little bit weird over text, constantly bantering to the point she was confrontational. In the end I cut the thread and just asked her out.

Getting to the date had issues written all over it, I had already told her I’d be 30 mins late as I thought she might flake. But was delayed further by poor tube services. I told her to meet me at the bar.

This was a mistake, I should’ve let her wait there for me and walk her up – The walk up usually normalises everything and allows me lead. An alternative could’ve been to tell her to get me a lager.

I am always put off by proper British girls, the type that speaks eloquently with an air of “I know it all”. This girl was that type. I don’t talk too much in dates, but when I do, I’m usually quite cheeky, but everything I said there was no response – she was 18 but she was overly mature.

And then she started talking politics. The problem is I have a very neutral view on everything, but it seems like everything I believe in after university has been the same as someone on the right would. But there are alot of internal debates as I just haven’t done my research (I also believe strongly that everyone else is clueless and just follows what they see on TV or what the people around them believe – sheep).

Anyway this girl is a politics student, who did law and is anti-brexit, anti-trump and what seems like a socialist. I attempted to steer the conversation away by saying “I don’t like to talk politics”. But from what Roydaygame said to me later after his date: smash the frame. I won’t beat myself up about it though, this girl would’ve been extremely difficult to argue against.


And it would probably say “you should really wash your hands after wiping down here”.

We managed to eventually steer away from the conversation, but by this point I was less interested in her personality, she just seemed like a power hungry bully. I continued though and attempted to throw more teases around to spike attraction…this obviously didn’t work as she was oblivious to flirting.

Throughout the whole interaction she was leading by asking alot of questions, in the next bar the attitude changed and there was alot more rapport. This was alot better, but all in all, the date was dead by now. We parted ways soon after.

What I’d take out of it:

  1. Because there is no running away from even my views on politics; dissect my view on Trump, Brexit and anything I have an uneducated view on. Use that later to smash frames, but only as a last resort.
  2. Don’t buy some random brand of booze for the girl, regardless if she says “oh buy me any cider”.
  3. Be more punctual, if very late, tell them to wait at the bar and to order a drink (yet to be tried and tested).
  4. Cut dates short, it may change the attitude of the girl (yet to be tried and tested).
  5. Accept some girls just cannot be fucked – not because of a lack of ability, but more due to personality clashes and sometimes even political difference.

Spanish Inquisition

So here it is, the bi-monthly “I’m back” blog post. Shortly after my last blog post I had a job interview with a software house in London, I got it! I’ve been at the company for 3 weeks now and can say at the company is definitely for me. It is very laid back with lad environment.

This means I have now moved into London, so no more complaining about shitty logistics, especially as it’s in Shoreditch.

Last weekend the Spanish opare left for Spain indefinitely. I’d been seeing her for nearly half a year. We had gotten quite close and I shared alot with her; I’d gone away with her, learnt alot about her and pretty much shagged in every hotel in London. She might not have been much more than a 6, but she was definitely someone I could’ve seen being with for quite a long time. She never gave me shit and I never felt I had to play power battles with her. She was the female and I the male.




The last night before she left she admitted she loved me and I admitted the same, but it was different than when I’d said it to my ex. With my ex it felt like I was in an emotion filled hole. Whereas with the Spaniard it felt like I was just telling her I liked her in a strong way. I’m not taking away the fact I said it, just that it felt so easy to say things to her and know I wasn’t putting a hindrance into how she felt with me, for saying things I didn’t perceive as masculine.

The irony though is I shagged a South Korean tinder bird the night before.

Solo Adventures

So I thought I’d put a blog post up, I’ve been reading Bodi’s book and have seen that even when he was meeting up with the RSG guys he was still putting up his depressive posts. I’ll address a few things here, firstly my absence.

At the end of last month, I lost my job. Technically I left on my own accord, but the performance reviews kept progressing and although I was on alternate months improving then reverting, I felt I was getting pressured by the management to hand in my notice. Instead of fighting I gave in, 6 months of fighting had put enough strain on me and I’d rather just start afresh.

On top of that, I’m not sure if IT is for me, I have qualities to be good at it, but not the motivation to. That said, when I was younger I had a real passion for web development, so I may pursue that. What I do know is I should pursue some sort of online business whilst I look for a new job or pursue web development.

Finally, when I’m not doing so well in Daygame, I don’t like anyone knowing that. I haven’t been doing the worst, but because of my stop start nature of late, I haven’t been able to give it a proper go.

Next up,  field report: Today I went out to do some solo (not intentionally), it’s something I find incredibly tough, before I’m out I have to text my wings and ask if they’re out, I just can’t seem to deal with doing it.

I managed to do 6 sets (1 number, 1 married woman), 5 on my own, then another 1 with wings. I went to wings as I was too scared to stay out on my own. I was doing alot of weaseling but knew wings would give me that added confidence.

I did learn a few things though:

  • Due to lack of practice, I’ve lost a bit of the LDM. To counteract this, I’ll reread Beginner Daygame to get back into the gist.
  • When chasing after a set, I wait for the “optimal” time to approach, this loses alot of girls. I need to have more of a killer instinct, both when with wings and when solo. This will also help the lack of sets I’m doing.

I think it’ll be important for me to reread Beginner Daygame, then focus on being quicker with my opens. I will also need to spend 2 sessions a week solo to build up my self -reliance.

Outside of daygame, I’m going to create a timetable, so I can spend a couple of hours in the gym, daygaming, job hunting, researching an online business and developing a website. I may need to alternate days with the latter two to not overwork myself but it should keep me sane.

I’ll shine some positivity on this post though, due to having time off, I booked my first solo travel to Copenhagen, on Tuesday I put myself into a hostel and see what I could do. I met some people and looked around the city, all by myself.

Daygame Season

It’s beautiful what a bit of sunshine can do to the streets and your mood. As mentioned, London has been dreary and cold as of late, on top of that I was ill and was too busy for a decent session. I’d been watching eagle-eyed at Accuweather’s month forecast waiting for the weather to be decent enough for the honeys to come out. And boy did they come out.

I met up with one of the City Daygame wings on the Friday evening, meeting up at Boots by Picadilly Circus. From here I did 6 sets and got one number from a girl with a boyfriend. As expected, the conversations were a little poor and my conversations didn’t last very long, but at least I did it. The workrate of the City Daygame lad was brilliant, when walking around with him it felt like I was on these streets for one job.

The next morning I woke up bright and early, I watched one of Torero’s videos. Tiger Eyes. I thought it’d be a good idea to go into the day with a technique to focus on and in particular a technique which gives a good reaction. I arrive in London at around 1. Mr S wouldn’t arrive for an hour so I ordered a proper meal from Bella Italia. Sitting in there I was very relaxed, I could see the girls walking past and just had a smile on my face.


Time to hit the streets

On the second day I did 10 more approaches and got two numbers. One was a 18 year old student who kept covering her face because of her braces. I could feel my vibe was getting alot better and although my conversations weren’t the best they’d certainly improved compared to the previous day. The second day was all about being relaxed. I was walking about the streets with Mr. S and Mr. H and just having good patter, occasionally going into a coffee shop.

On the Sunday, my game  vastly improved to the previous days. I really felt like I was coming up to running on all cylinders. Some of the conversations, were choppy at times, but when it worked, it worked well. I continued approaching with strong tiger eyes and fractionating after the stack as to not weird them out. Both this and what I said to them got the girls giggling away. In the end I did 13 approaches and got 4 numbers.

Over the weekend I did 29 approaches and got 7 numbers. 3 of these 7 responded, I believe it was both the preparation and the amount of sets I did which got me these results. For me good preparation is setting aside a few days to daygame, starting the session around noon, getting a meal beforehand and not being hungover.

The issue I have at the moment is consistently converting text responses to dates. I was pretty close on one of them but she was going back to Brussels. I will need to ground a bit and talk about myself. But I feel good with my daygame and the amount of fun I’m having on the streets.

Spanish Opare Part 3

The preparation for this date started earlier than the date itself. I knew if she was coming out she knew I’d go for sex. So really I had two options, a toilet lay or taking her back to a hotel. As much as I’d love to tick off a toilet lay, too much happened the previous date and it’s not very often I get a lay with a girl who doesn’t have a place in London. Although there is a stigma of hotels being harder (they feel the expectation), I booked it anyway.

I doubted any silly buggers would come up as she’d know what I was going for. But if they did, I’d improvise. The booking process was pretty simple, the iPhone application I used was “Booking Now” and it literally took a couple of minutes to book. I wanted a place which had no reception and brilliant logistics. This place ticked both, It was in Earl’s court and a 5 minutes drive to where I’d chosen to meet her.

To prevent the issue with finding a pub, I chose Notting Hill. The first bar we went to was a 10 minute walk from the station.We chatted along the way, although I described my week as pretty good, she described hers as shit…this was the beginning.


We arrived, the conversation was good, but she kept talking about how shit it was looking after kids and not earning too much. I was responding, but noticed this was turning into some sort of spiral. So I went between watching Leicester playing on the TV and flirting with her by making fun of her, making up random role plays, talking very mockingly proudly of myself and talking about animals. This diverted her well and we got back to some better topics.

We walked up to Portobello Road, it was pretty cold by now, so felt awesome to get to a quiet pub with a fireplace. We sat down in the lounge next to each other and started flirting away. As normal, I let her take on most of the talking and changed topic, teased or spoke seriously when I wanted. What I noticed again like in the previous date, was this girl kept opening me up by asking me questions. Questions like what’s the most embarassing thing you’ve done? and when was the last time you cried? Now although neither of these have I done in a while nor would I answer, it was a bit weird to be asked these. Was she running game on me?

Anyway, we were making out and her grabbing my dick throughout. We were getting drunker and drunker.When she went to the toilet I attempted to try and figure out how I would extract her, but couldn’t think of anything. When she returned we chatted for a bit more and in my head I thought “fuck it” and said “I’m staying in London tonight and I’m taking you back”. She responded “Ok, but let’s have one more beer”.

Simple. I told her to go off and get two more beers, she returned and we chatted until the bottles were empty. As we walked back down Portobello Road looking at the houses, she started doing a weird jog. It turned into a Yad stop and she jumped me. I chuckled. She did the same when we got back to the hotel, minus the Yad stop.


When you type in “Yad stop” into Google Images. Cheers Kimmy

Wake me up when February ends

This weekend was supposed to be my first week back since the first week of February. I unintentionally took a 3 week hiatus. Valentine’s weekend I was with the Spanish Opare, and if you read that post you’d understand the reason I didn’t go out the following day. The second week was spent with my best friend. He’s moving back to the far east and will probably not be back again.

He’s in a bit of a funny situation where his girlfriend lives in Singapore and he in London. He’s completely torn as to if he should pursue his relationship with a girl he could marry (and she’s very much marriage material), or break up with her and come back to London. I’d like to see the latter, but have told him I expect him to stay with his girlfriend and wish him the best of luck.

Finally this weekend I’ve been ill. I’m in bed with a nasty cold. Next week I’ll try to finish the unfinished business with the Spanish Opare. Setting aside the Saturday daytime and maybe Friday evening, the weather isn’t helping at all but it should pick up this month.

Two weeks ago, my employer gave me my second verbal warning. The first week was very emotionally draining for me, but they’ve outlined and planned where I need to improve and I have been pushing myself to meet their expectations. I’m at the stage where if they let me go, I’d be angry as I’ve put alot of effort in.

The good news is this month I started Muay Thai. I’ve never done any type of fighting sport but this should toughen me up and allow me to take my work stresses out on something.

As I said last month I wanted to get alot more approaches in, obviously I haven’t hit that, but at least I’ve had good excuse. Like any hiatus, I expect myself to be rusty. Last time I went out I did 5 approaches and got 3 numbers. I trust my ability to get back into the gist like I’ve done countless times, but I do not expect myself to work on all cylinders for a few days.

This post was merely written to not beat myself up over this month, alot has happened and like Krauser mentions in his post on his blog sometimes there is “a temporary confluence of factors against you”.