Why blogging?

To be honest, everything in my life stems from my pursuit of women, which in turn probably stems from my inadequacy and being scared of women when growing up in a working class town outside London.

It had always been like that. As a child the closest moment my prepubescent mind could call having a girlfriend, was playing the white knight by preventing one of my friends from bullying a girl I fancied. As schoolchildren do what proceeded was constant “Rambo’s got a gurrrlllfriennnddd” from my friends then classmates then my mother. This ended with me refusing to say her name in the same breath but still ogling from the lunch table over.

My journey of “pursuing” women started at the tender age of 16. I stumbled across an article of “how to talk to women” whilst meandering around nuts magazine observing their large chested maidens. They referred me to “The Game” by Neil Strauss. Being the lazy cunt I am I whizzed over to my favourite torrent website and downloaded this bad boy in audio-book form (don’t worry I wasn’t so bad ass I bought it later on). I knew from the moment I had turned my mp3 player off, I was going down the rabbit hole. I started to indulge myself in this by reading Mystery Method, joining forums, reading tips and following field reports until I was “ready”. Until 17, I waited for my day, my day to show all my friends what I could do.


My first approach was a disaster. My friends were invited to a party in town and of course I was invited as a plus one. I spent most of my time sitting in the corner talking to my friends, talking about how I should chat to some girls tonight. And then they came off the dance floor, one small chubby brunette and a skinny brunette bright red lipstick on. My friend told me to go over and introduce myself…”okay easy”…Only problem was my backside was firmly glued to my seat. My mind was spinning, trying to re-remember all my lines that I had been practicing in front of the mirror all that day. It took me what felt like a lifetime to get up and stumble over and sat down next to the chubby brunetter. All that came out of my acne covered, tomato coloured face was 1 word. “Heyhowsitgoing?”. She responded “Not bad what about you?”, “Yeah I’m pretty good” at this point the skinny girl left thinking her mate was in. And then it happened, pure silence, I sat there for several long minutes in silence. After realising I couldn’t do this any longer I said “bye” and went back to my giggling friends.

After this moment I was hooked, before this I din’t know exactly where I was with girls, but now all I knew was I wanted to get better. Later, I got a wingman I found on a forum to drive me out of town to talk to girls weekly. This eventually turned into a group of us going out at night once or twice a week in our favorite blazers to chat to the sweet honeys of the next town over. From all my work of one year of game I didn’t get a single result.

Eventually I got into university in London. After reading about information overload on one of my favourite forums, I decided I would forget game completely, I wanted to start from scratch. No going out to pursue girls with wingmen, no opinion openers and no gambits. After this, in university I got many near misses to get some sort of action, but nothing came until it all happened at once with a chubby blonde girl.

She had been following me around for weeks asking if I was going to x party, I didn’t fancy her too much. Eventually I gave in, and convinced myself I need to start somewhere. I told her I’d be at a club and I might meet her there. None of my close friends would go out but I found some people in my halls to go out with. When I got there I found her had a little dance and made out with her then chatted for a bit. I let her do her thing and I did mine, I texted her later I was leaving (she told me later I was pestering), I took her to my dorm room and lost my V card. Over the next few weeks I had a lot of drama with this girl as I wanted to keep it a one time thing. The jiggy happened a few more times and eventually we were in a relationship.

Now I am 23, I broke up with her a year and a half ago and I have gotten much better through the power of daygame which I started doing a year ago. I’m not banging a super model before and after tea, but I have made progress. I know that was a long one, but follow me in my journey…

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