When is information too much information?

At the end of August, I took a fall playing football. After being wrongly assessed twice by the NHS, doctors they eventually found that I had a fracture in my Scaphoid. As soon as I found out this news I took the earliest opportunity to get surgery done to maximize my chances of making a full recovery. This has given me enough free time to catch up up on all the TV shows, game products and general reading I have delayed due to being to tired from days at work.

This is where the topic of this post comes in; At the moment I have 14 tabs open in Chrome filled with information on property investment, workout plans, books, game and Netflix. From when I started gaming there has only been one point when I wasn’t trying to seek new information. And that was when I was in my first relationship. After saying to myself that I would stop reading so much about improving in game, I got myself into a relationship. This shows that when I wasn’t trying to overflow my brain, I was actually taking action.

From what I’ve observed of myself, I read alot and I keep reading and reading but I don’t test what I’m reading, I don’t assess myself and I don’t practice a specific area of a skill. With all this good information flowing through the internet in this day and age, it has now become impossible to focus.

To achieve in game, their needs to be a mixture between focus and learning. Too much focus and you’re going around in circles, too much learning and there is no correct action. This year I plan to:

  • Start recording myself to assess later.
  • Look for new information if I’m actually going use it.
  • Dedicate more time on sticking points

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