Update – February 2015

At the beginning of the month, it was the stop that was the issue, the majority of women would walk right passed me, this is no longer the case and now it is the conversation which is the issue.

My conversation has not been flowing, the ones that do I get nervous and don’t know what to say and eventually I end up ejecting the set. Deep down I believe this is because, firstly I am putting too much emphasis on the number of approaches I’m doing and being too outcome dependent.

Pre-game I should be thinking, “Hey she’s cute I want to tell her, “I want to make her smile”. And from there going want a little bit more at a time.

To combat the ejections, I should set my self time to last in set and make that up with as few people as possible. eventually I will be able to talk for 10 minutes without feeling the need to eject.

Finally, I am too helpful to my wings and should improve myself more than others. I am in this game for the long run as I have been and yet I have had 6 lays prior to moving back home in July and nothing since. Therefore once a week I should set aside time to Daygame on my own. I am rely on outside validation and state inducers rather than being independent and internally referenced.

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