Moving forward

Alot has happened since my last update, I’ve been to a seminar hosted by Nick Krauser, found new wings, had my cast removed and got myself back into daygaming, Other than this cold my spirits are high for the year ahead.

This has forced me to start thinking about how I can improve, especially due to my current low success rate from having such a prolonged absence. Constant self-assessment would therefore be the best way to improve. Prior to the Winter break it was always somewhere I had been dropping the ball, blaming work or university for my laziness.

Although I’ve been involved in pickup a while, I feel as if I am more of a upper beginner. Someone who’s past the approach anxiety, can hold a conversation at least 40% of approaches a day, can get a number or two in a session and a few dates here and there.

Living at home for the next year or so whilst I save funds for a flat in London means I’m going to have to finger bash my way to stardom. R-Selection game not only fits this situation but is in my opinion a more exciting type of game. It allows for more adventure sex, fits my banter, leading and cut throat attitude. I have started reading Krauser’s Daygame Nitro, and although I am starting from opening again, I can see that this is a skill which will pay off through constant self-assessment.

From here out I am going to start recording my sets. So I can spot the hooks, IOIs from her side and improve tonality, banter, social intuition and leading on my side. Every month I will unpack my thoughts onto this blog to fix these sticking points.

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