Triumph on Tinder

Last Saturday I had my first Tinder date, I picked up a cute faced girl, gave her two pecks on the cheeks and whisked her off into a Costa. The conversation was relatively pointless but my undertone was of a cheeky drawl. Although I was practicing my leaning in and leaning back, what I started to notice was the amount of chat this girl gave as the evening progressed.

We walked down to the second venue, an O’Neills on Carnaby Street. I sent her off to grab me a beer as I tried to look for some decent seats. The only place to sit was outside in the light drizzle, not optimal conditions but we’ll continue. As she was taking more and more control of the conversation being a typical English girl, I tried to steer the conversation around, cutting threads when they became boring and asking questions when I wanted to know more. I ran the kino-escaltion model(shoulders-hands-hair) clumsily in order but couldn’t remember the verbal model.

After mentioning something about her passion for reading I whizzed off to the loo to check my notes like a proper weirdo PUA. I went upstairs; decided to grab two more drinks and continued the conversation to eventually throw in my two remaining escalation phases and bouncing.

During the journey to our penultimate stop I was thinking it would be best to kiss her now. Twenty minutes later we arrived at the front of a little Spanish bar. Before entering I looked over told her to come over and tell me what she thinks of the bar, she responded and I said “one thing before we go in…”  (hear comes my signature killer move), I pulled her coat towards me below the collar and gave her a short kiss. This little bar being a saturday had alot of people upstairs. But downstairs, I found a little corner for us to chat away make out and for her to lay on me whilst I stroked her hair. It all felt like a little love story, especially for people looking in. For me it felt a little robotic, but I did enjoy my time with her.

I text her a little text the next morning and she responded, but after going cold turkey for a few days, I think it’s a gone deal. It was some amazing practice and I have learnt alot from it, they will only get more natural as I continue to follow the model.

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