Tinder Express

I’ve had a few dates recently via Tinder, mostly to keep myself in dates because to be honest the quality of girls for me are 6s at best. As you walk out of Oxford Street Station at Nike store it’s a game to find out if they are chubbers or not. None the less, I still learnt a few things…

I took this girl out to a cafe as the first venue, didn’t talk too much and I felt like I was talking constantly, I tried to vacuum and ask open questions, but she gave me nothing.

After a while I decided let’s bounce to a pub. Seating was good so it gave me a chance to kino as she sat there quietly. After a while I got a little frustrated with the lack of chat and thought I’d get close to her face to “observe her hair”. No resistance so a few minutes later I closed the deal. The second time she became more passionate.

I bounced to a final place where I did alot of poking at her legs and peaking underneath her top. She sat there and gave no resistance. After the last beer, I drove her back to hers, thre out the “can I fill up my bottle with water” then tried to get the full close, but she was having none of it only dry humping.

A week later I took her to venue two again, we stayed there a while making out, chatting away. I threw out “I’m hungry I could really do with nachos, lets go to spoons”. I knew at this time of night spoons was not serving food, So once we arrived, I suggested making it ourselves. She was down for it,

After cooking nachos and consuming we did it. The next morning I felt like shit, after getting out the shower she wasn’t great and I left promptly.

What I learnt:

  • Keep ploughing some girls are just shy
  • Get them to agree to something trivial then more (Can I get a water, Wanna cook nachos at yours)

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