First bouts of over-gaming

I’ve now been on four dates with the Swedish one, although it was the first one that liked me, it felt like it was the one whom was similar to me. Being quite a banterous person, I’ve always found it quite hard to find a girl who is cute and has banter (both giving and taking). Skeletor advised me to tell this girl how I’m trying to improve my emotional connection with people and that I’m looking for an open relationship. I did just that but I was quite needy about it and felt I completely lost frame. It’s now been over a week and I haven’t heard from her.

A big problem I have, which is something I will talk about with the therapist is: whenever I start seeing a new girl, after date 2/3 when I start caring about them more, I start waking up stressed with very shallow breathing. My idea is that this is due to some sort of abandonment issue or due to my last relationship being emotionally up and down.

In my previous relationship, we both played alot of games which caused problems for me mentally. The bad thing is, I enjoyed them and got bored if I didn’t have them. PUA tactics, like ignoring for frame control and winning shit tests as well as soft nexting for bad behaviour, although on paper work most of the time, they put you through a range of emotions and cause the girl to become anxious, which causes more drama if it isn’t calibrated well enough.

Post-Skeletor has been very eye-opening heart-opening for me, during the moment I had told the Swede about going through some changes, she started to open up too, I felt like we were bonding. Even my sets have been alot better, I am now seeing alot more creativity in my vibing part of the LDM. My game since starting again three months ago, has made leaps technically. The numbers show that I am getting one date in four numbers. Having a good day doing 10 sets equates to 2 numbers.

With all these positives in terms of my game, I have been feeling a little down due to putting so much work with the Swede as well as a date with a crazy English girl on Saturday (report to come). This has caused issues with my wings. We’ve noticed recently that if one of us is having a bad day, it causes strain on the others. We’ve all had had something which has caused problems for our mental wellbeing recently. This makes a good reason to rebalance that game-life balance. So this week I’m off to play Fifa, go out with non-game folk and relax my mind off the lovely damsels of London town.

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