Enter Gaijin Warrior

This game really is beautiful. And I’m not only saying this because I just put my knob into a cute bird. This is how it unfolded…

As per usual recently I have been going through a rut. Self-inflicted no doubt as I’m not pushing myself. Not enough sets and not pushing myself to do anything other than moving street sets. God I’m weird.

Anywho, let’s get back to how I got laid, I jumped in front of a nice looking Bangladeshi girl who had the chat, bit of banter but I was a bit rigid and boring as it was my second set of the day. Even still I still asked her number. Which she declined.

Coming out of set I was happy, the day was looking hopeful and I was in a good mood. I walked 15 yards and see a Japanese girl I had gone on a few dates with staring away at me. I smiled with a big smile as I walked past her, she gives me the strangest look like she hated my guts…hmmm ok.

So as I’m walking around the corner, I start texting my boys, telling them what’s up. (my vibe really skyrockets when I have the patter on WhatsApp throughout my session). She pops up.


I schedule a date later that night.

Let me give a backstory, she’s a sweetheart, but her English is bad when writing, she doesn’t get banter on text, she ignores it and you have to use very basic English for her to understand sometimes so much so, sometimes you have to write things twice. This is quite frustrating as I kept throwing the banter out thinking it was a language issue she wasn’t getting it. Even still in my previous date I made out with her and it was heating up quite well.

I finish the day with a grand total of two sets. I just couldn’t concentrate, spending the rest of the day find decent bars close to where I thought she lived and going to boots to get some johnnies. It was now or never…I started to get nervous.

I met her at the underground and walked her to the first bar the patter was nice, very catchupey chit chat but started to turn a bit more personal and flirty. For some reason that died and I started to fight for it back. I’m trying to find an opportunity to kiss her again. I take her to the second bar, it’s alot more relaxed now, I just tell her I’ll kiss her when I get back from the bathroom she goes red and says no you’re not. It’s on. We move to some better seating, seats where I can fully extend my arms. We chit chat and I just go in. Something I noticed with this one is she seems like she’s resisting a bit but let’s go the last second. After this it’s way better, we get into better conversations, the silences are relaxed and she shows that she’s alot more into me. The last bell rings but it doesn’t matter, we keep drinking outside. I tell her everything’s closed and she suggests a walk, I start taking her to a direction I believe is her place as she mentioned its location in passing a few times. After a couple of minutes of walking towards her direction she says “where are we going?” I respond “I’m taking you to your house”, she says “okay” and we keep walking, I suggest wine and she says she has some. It’s on.

We get back to hers finish half the wine and do the naughty. The next morning do the naughty a few more times and end with her stroking my beard. I start to smile and think. Oh I love Daygame. 24 hours ago I had no plan to get laid, but one cross of paths and here I am, getting my beard stroked, dick sucked and beard stroked again.

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