Kick up the arse

London St. Pancras Station: Sitting there with the feeling of anger. A  hot brunnette/blonde came towards me smiled and sat down on the vacant seat to my left. My train running late, I sat there with this feeling like my stomach had swallowed itself.

The past two weeks have been a mess. The first week was spent sitting inside with a brutal dose of tonsillitis. The second time this year. I refuse to take those fuckers out. This meant I went into a very important job interview without revising. A job which put me into the industry I wanted to get into, a chance to move back into Central London and the possibility of contract working within a few years. I had passed the first stage with flying colours and fell apart in my second.

This taught me that revision is incredibly important. Previously I had always gone in with minimal effort, thinking my charm would woo them. This doesn’t work unless I’m comfortable with what I’m talking about.

Anyway back to game and the girl who sat down next me at the train station. I didn’t approach. This was the story for the past two days. I did a grand total of three approaches. I’ll give myself the benefit of doubt put that down to being an unsocial hermit for the past two weeks. The issue is this has been what my game has been like for the past few months, besides shagging the Jap and a few weeks prior going out with a Nigerian princess, I haven’t had any new leads due to a lack of work on my part.

I have put this down to two reasons, my job and my living situation. My job is in Cambridge and being a trainee position isn’t highly paid. Having a 3 year taste of freedom in the green pastures of London, has poisoned me for the family life.

I have just spoken to the lads at work to see how to move forward into the role I want here. I also plan to move to London (if I can afford to and still travel) in the next month or two. In terms of approaching, I plan on getting 30 approaches per week and 600 by the years end. This is doable and should solve the great amount of approach anxiety I seem to be having.

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