Arabian Nights

Daygame has been very tough for me this year. The eventful dates, the randomness, the mindchanging conversations. I have really learnt alot about myself this year.

In early November, I was roaming the streets with my wing, just about getting back into daygame (my consistency has been poor due to work commitments). A few months prior I had done some training with Tom Torero and was ready to finally get back onto the streets.

I was about 5 sets in and was just about getting into groove. And there she was 5’6″, brilliant fashion sense and totally my type of indie looking girl. I got in front and she started speaking in an accent I hadn’t heard before. She was Asian with big blue eyes which you could get lost in, my first ever Arab. The conversation had a sexual tension which you could slice through with a knife. I went through the whole model (not without occasionally running out of things to say then realising where I was in the conversation). When taking her number, she asked me my age. I responded thinking she was younger with 24 (my age) she responded “I am too old for you”. Luckily I knew to continue being a bit cocky and smash through it.


Like Imogen Poots but with better eye makeup and fashion sense.

Just like the Japanese girl this year, she had poor English. This annoyed the shit out of me so I sent her a Hail Mary text and invited her for a drink our of the blue. She responded “I’ve started a relationship with someone”…I knew it was bullshit and I probably didn’t make her comfortable enough (…what else could I do). I didn’t respond.

A week later she text me when I was drinking with my friends, asking if I waned to go out. I was way too hungover, but knew that I’d get her out the following week. I did. I did the my usual venues and me a few drinks down and her stone cold sober made out with her. This continued constantly, the sexual tension was being released. I told her I’d take her back thinking it was on like donkey kong…but she said it was too soon*.

The second date was messy like the first it was a friday night so it was impossible finding somewhere to sit. This pissed her off a bit**, but she tried not to show it. This date was alot quieter, so I played the questions game with her to increase the laughs and have something to talk about. As sexual topics came up she said, I’m still a virgin at 26 (ffs this is going to be harder). I ended up taking her back to hers and did everything except the deed in either hole. I liked her though.

I’ll be honest, this girl would be 100% marriage material. She has all the qualities to make a brilliant wife and mother: beautiful, feminine, kind and homely. She’s the sort of girl who is not a loud city girl and is completely innocent.

The last time I met her was last week. She told me, that she wanted to be honest and that she’d started talking to someone older. I know I was never the guy to be with her, and nor would I due to her lack of sex before marriage. I did however tell her if she wanted to give it a go with this guy I’d leave as I like her too much, she didn’t want me to. This resulted us going over a few things about me. On the second date she displayed her emotions as to why I did not text her enough(I’ve always been afraid of texting). It made her feel like she was an item in a supermarket who was picked up when wanted and dropped when not. After going to eat and grabbing a drink we went back to hers.

She didn’t want me to stay over as she’d just moved into a new flat. I went to the toilet and she signaled for me to come into her room. I went in and it ended up being a stop start game of me initiating, her saying no, me stopping then continuing a bit more, then her saying no, etc, until she eventually said “I want it”. Once again no sex.

A strange thing happened after this, she was very honest with me. Although she told me from the beginning I was too young, it was quite important to her. She told me the way I treated her was not affectionate enough, the guys she fell in love with gave her alot more affection, they were always there and when she had no money, they looked after her. This reminded me of the conversation I had with Skeletor, where he explained I lacked soft dominance. I went through the castle analogy he uses with her and the result backed up what he said. She said my walls were strong, but it wasn’t fun or relaxing around me. She didn’t feel safe.

I’m stopping seeing this girl, although she has amazing qualities, it is better I let her go. For her sake at least. I know I can find a girl who has good qualities heck I preferred the Swede. But this one will be the one who, although couldn’t test our chemistry sexually, taught me more about myself, what qualities I have and what qualities I want in a woman.

A woman who puts others before herself, a woman who is kind.***

*If I has my own place I may have taken her back on the first date. But I had to make an overt statement as it was hers as there was no seed I could use.

**Have a plan, a plan that will work every time.

***Please note I am still looking to fuck younger, hotter and tighter women, I’m not cashing in my chips at 24 nor do I plan to for a while. These mini-relationships are experiences everyone needs.

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