Tourists, tourists everywhere

This past week has been self-game changing…or more self-game reassuring. In my last post I (poetically) described, my recent stint with an Arab. Being a holiday week, I could’ve spent most of my time at home with family, eating copious amounts of snacks at weird times, playing Fifa and thinking about the Arab, I decided otherwise.

The first day, I thought I’d allow myself some time to breathe and took the day looking around London looking for a few jumpers, jeans and some trainers. Basically some time to dip my toe in and check if it was safe to submerge the rest of my body.

So bright and early, I got up on the Sunday and started my week long indulgence. I managed around 40 sets in the week (5/8 days of game). And got roughly 6 Facebook closes and 4 number closes (1 of which was an instant date with kiss-close). The reason for the many Facebook closes was because half of them were leaving the next day, so potential long game. In fact, it got so annoying as soon as they said they gave me their nationality, I asked them how long they were here for. Out of the 8 single girls 4 messaged back.


Last week’s dream girl

I believe the reason was due to my vibe being good. Although I had to drop the Arab and felt a little shit about it, I had been hitting the gym consistently for a few weeks before (back on it tomorrow) and success on the Sunday. This good vibe manifested into being a bit more creative with the stock stacks. I like to imitate the girls with a big smile on my face, this brings out alot of laughs from both the girl and myself.

Something I’m finding very important is smiling and giving value (making girls smile/laugh), this keeps my approach anxiety to a minimum and brings better reactions.

I have a few minor weasels, but my main one is pushing my wing instead of approaching girls I find hot myself.

I should write up what I will be doing in 2016 to heighten my game, but I believe the main one is to record my sets, I’ve said it for months. But I just ordered a Dictaphone from eBay. I also need to do things like see how far I can tease in the beginning, learn spikes and investment questions as I have the stack down and when they hook vibing is okay too.

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