Pushing instant dates

So recently after my post on Krauser’s blog I’ve had quite a spike in my audience, I’m going to continue writing as I was as well as taking the advice from K and improving the way I deliver my writing.

As I said in my previous post last week had been quite eventful for me, I hit a good amount of approaches and got a good amount of closes, one of which was an instant date.

On Saturday, I met up with a couple of the lads just off Oxford Street. The rain was sporadically changing from a gentle spit to a heavier rain. Within 2 mins I ran off to H&M to buy an umbrella.

I did about 3 approaches and just wasn’t feeling it, drained from the week’s fun. We went for a coffee. With a bit more of a buzz we ambled down Regents street and the two boys went into their own sets one after the other. I ran after two, but lost both of them to Nandos and a pub.

After weaseling out one, one of the boys pushed me into a set, she responded well and we had a little laugh. I was getting into the groove. The next girl was walking down Leicester Square. Initially she looked like she wanted to kill me, but after the opening tease she perked up. Bingo. After a while she hooked. It was a little hard to speak to her as she was Hungarian, but I managed to exchanged details (since then I lost her over text, initially she was banterous, but changed after I turned down the teasing).

The next set was a French girl, who took quite a while to hook, I was a bit quick and didn’t ask investment questions, but she found out she had a boyfriend anyway. Now I was feeling pumped, but the rain was suddenly heavier, we agreed to walk down to Covent Garden and meet at M&S if any of us went into set. I saw a cute looking girl wearing a leather jacket (just my type I thought). She opened really well, I mistakenly built some rapport before hooking but kept it light and banterous . She hooked very fast and we spoke about travelling and her being a marine biologist. A definite yes girl.


Dressed like this

After about 5 mins of chatting, I went for the close, she had told me she lived in Ireland. I mentioned that I was not sure if I’d see her but if she’s in town I’d take her out. She responded with “How about now?”. I took her off to a Starbucks down the road. For some reason as I was ordering the drinks, I began to feel nervous, thoughts in my head were thinking, “how do I play this”. I decided to go for a chit chat and a bit of light rapport instead of the flirtation like I’d done on the street.

I was definitely nervous as I didn’t speak as confidently as before, but I got through. Although it wasn’t going too well I took her off to a bar, get some alcohol into the mix.

The bar was a bit better, I escalated rings, arms, legs, earrings. All I could think of in my head was “how the fuck has she accepted this kino, the conversation is dead”. The lack of decent conversation was putting me off, I knew I’d had dates where conversation was even worse and I’d still k-closed, but this was an instant date and my second instant date of my Daygame career. I went to the loo for a slash and decided I’d go for it. Upon my return she said she had to leave.

We left the bar and I asked her where she needed to go and took her off to the station, half way down the road I thought fuck it and told her to stop. I kissed her, it was a peck, it was shit, but at least I’d done it.

I kissed her again and then let her go to Victoria station, she decided to walk instead and I went off back to my wings for a couple of pints.

Once again, I taught myself that even if the conversation was dull kiss anyway. Escalation is a brilliant tool to see where you’re at with a girl. This can help if the conversation is dull or even if there is just something putting you off (i.e. Billionaire boyfriend with 7 Lambourghinis).

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