Toilets of London: Episode 2

This morning I got into work on time. No idea why, the weather and kids going back to school have made my commute annoying as shit this week. It’s funny because the two days I’ve been on time have been when I was with women. The Canadian on Sunday night and another last night.

This was a girl I picked up on the same day as the Canadian SDL. I remember her being blonde, like this tall skinny Swedish looking number. She wasn’t, she was a slightly plump 21 year old Canadian tourist. But cute nonetheless

In fact I saw her as I was walking to Topshop (London’s main meeting point) and thought “fuck, I can’t remember if that’s her”, I gave her a call, she picked up.

I took her into Le Pain, it feels like a nice independent coffee shop, not at all like a Starbucks or Costa. The conversation was good, Canadians can talk which is very much unlike the girls I tend to go for. I prefer it if a woman is relaxed and doesn’t keep yapping on, a bit like myself. This girl was slightly different though, she had a good balance between listening attentively and actually talking about things we both enjoy.

I then took an age finding a decent bar, every single one was full. I finally gave up and took her to O’Neills in China Town. She bought me a beer and we went upstairs. There was a band, I hoped they wouldn’t cause a problem. I found a nice corner, stood against the wall and chatted away. Halfway through, the band started playing very loudly, then her friends came. Immediately I was a bit sceptical. Were they going to stay? Luckily they didn’t, she must’ve signalled.

I did a bit of kino but it was difficult standing with a beer in hand. I told her we’d go downstairs. We found a seat and I started to be alot more cheekier. She asked me why I stopped her, I turned her around, looked down and said “your ass”. She laughed in mock outrage. We chatted away a bit more and I went in for the kiss. She lapped it up.

Finally I took her to my last location, I’m not going to put its whereabouts. But it has a famous toilet…

We found a quiet corner and we chatted away, we were in separate stools. This was a bit difficult, but I made the most of it and grabbed her chair and yanked it towards me. I love doing these sudden grabs, they are spikes. I made out with her.

The sofa next to us became free and we moved ourselves over. I nipped off to the loo and looked at my watch, it was half 11. I had work the next day, I would have to speed this up. I let her relax against me and made out with her passionately a few times. She wasn’t floppy enough. I thought fuck it and told her we were leaving.

I started walking to the loos and put my coat on the sofa outside. She waited outside. I came out of the loo, picked my coat up and pulled her into the disabled toilet. I threw my coat down and pushed her against the wall. She loved it. We made out, I got my cock out and she jerked me off. I fingered her, but that’s the most I could push it to. She kept saying it was too fast, I said it didn’t matter (this may have been a mistake). I stopped and started but it just wouldn’t happen.

Looking back, I can agree I am pretty certain if my logistics were fine, or if I had a date earlier in the week and taken her back to hers, I’d have another notch. I need to be pushy though, so this is the best way to move forward.

Learning wise, the difference between this toilet near miss and the last is I just whipped it out. I had a tough time trying to control the frame as she was Canadian and liked to talk. I found some balance by being a bit non-chalant, then sudden cheekiness and moments of lecturing.

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