Self-Analysis and Goals

In terms of Daygame, this weekend wasn’t eventful. I did one session and approached about eight times. The issue I had was just not getting into the groove. I woke up just feeling off. I went to have a viewing at a flat, I’m sort of just waiting for something of low price to just appear in my SpareRoom notifications, if I get it cool, otherwise I continue saving for a house.

Anyway back to Daygame, of the eight approaches, I managed 1 number. I’d have definitely got a few more, but by the time I was relaxed, it was at the end of the day and it was freezing. In fact I was recording the last set before the sessions end and I was still speaking quickly and a couple of hairdresser questions, which luckily I kept playful. The others I haven’t looked at yet.

My wing who wasn’t out explained to me that this might be because I was chasing what I’d done last week and added pressure onto myself. I’d agree partly, bur not 100%. Today was just one of those days.

As you can see from the title, I’m going to outline what I want to achieve from the year. In one sentence: a promotion, property and pussy.

Promotion – Either through my current company, or just a move which brings me more money. Although I’m sort of on the rocks at work, I am pretty content with what I’m doing and what I need to do moving forwards. Take on more work, elaborate more in regards to my communication with customers and go an extra mile with helping them.

Property – By March my target was to have about half a deposit towards a Buy-To-Let house.  I’ll definitely be short but not by too much. By the years end I want to be at about 75% there. I could definitely have a property at the end of the year. But pussy is also high on the agenda.

Pussy – From March I’ll be taking house moving and job hunting seriously. This means I’ll be in London. I’m planning on staying in London for 6 months then moving back home for the winter to save funds. I’m not going to say a number as I usually put more pressure on myself with women if I have a number. But I’d be over the moon if I doubled what I had last year (I’ll count the Arab, even if it was just the tip). My total is at this stage is 11.

2016 is ready. Are you?

2 thoughts on “Self-Analysis and Goals

  1. Do you try to record all of your sets?

    When I do this I find that after a few sessions I start to get too analytical and it can impact my vibe.

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