January Blues

Two weeks ago I stated that’d I’d be looking for a room to lease in London from March for 6 months. The patience lasted a week and I saw a pretty good deal on a 6 month sublet in central London. Although needing cleaning it did the job: double bed, brilliant logistics and decent time to travel to work. I took the place and have been staying there under a week. Until last night. Due to some unforeseeable issues, I had to move back home. I will try again in late March, but for the moment, my ass is firmly back in my family home.

After my brilliant start to the year, DayGame has taken a bit of a turn for me. Trying to sort out moving in, then moving back out has put a toll on my vibe. I even had a date play silly buggers on me and not show up, I then proceeded to do some DayGame, out of five sets I got four blowouts, they could smell I was trying to make the most of a bad situation.

Another reason why I haven’t been doing so well is Alcohol. Although I do not drink much, the first day I will be hungover and the second depressed, which no amount of approaches can fix. Unlike some of my fellow DayGame wings, I cannot game when I feel like it, I need to pick and choose my sessions. So I think I’ll need to drink shandys if I do go out.

All that being said, it’s all stuff I had to go through. I could’ve lost alot more money but being a sublet the lad I rented from didn’t ask for a deposit. I’ve never had a girl play silly buggers like that. I’m sure every situation is different, but I had an inclination something was up the day before (it was just too simple asking her out).

Right now that that’s over let’s go into stats:

I’ve probably approached 60-80 times this month, which is honestly is quite shit. No wonder I’ve not had the success I wanted. Out of that though I have had 12 numbers, with 2 dates (and one from Tinder). I was meant to have a date with a Spanish girl last week but I didn’t want to see her for a morning coffee and she’d been working on the night I suggested (date booked on Saturday).

The stats are pretty much what I’d expect 25%-30% numbers and about the same retention from closes. I think it’s time to up the ante to reach my goals this year. Not for approaching sake but more for my mental wellbeing.

On a sidenote, I have noticed two things in regards to my game, I have a particular way of weaseling with my wing, which is to either tell my wing to do the hottest of the hot or just generally do approaches when I have AA. This may be due to the alcohol.


Go out 3 times per week doing 30 to 50 approaches.

Approach hotter girls (to prevent being naughty, approach faster).

Do not defer sets to my wings and only push ones he’s chosen.

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