Spanish Opare Part 2

It was a rainy Saturday evening when I arrived at Tottenham Court Road. She showed up cute and was happy to see me. Immediately we started walking to Wetherspoons. It was full due to the Rugby. We then went the opposite direction back past the station into two more pubs. I could sense with all this walking, she was getting a annoyed. All I could think was “try doing this regularly”.

We found a pub in Tottenham Court Road, still full we started to look around for a seat, after circling round for the second time. There was a tiny table for two by the entrance. I told her to get me a lager and herself a red wine (she had a sore throat, could oppurtunity to lead her).

We chatted for a while, I had to do most of the talking due to her bad throat which I didn’t like. I adapted and asked her questions, chatted away and drank. Half way through the conversation, she said she wanted to be a teacher because it gave her the opportunity to advise and nurture children. I told her liked this about her. After a bit of rapport building, we bounced. I walked her down the road, stopped her and kissed her to get the ball rolling.

I took her straight to the hotel bar, we chatted alot, kissing, touching. Sidenote: In this bar there is a Portuguese bartender who always serves on the evenings. This bartender always gives me a look of dislike whenever I bring a new girl in. I have a feeling she knows my gig of attempting to pull birds into their toilet.

We finished 2 drinks before the sofa was available. We moved over to it and she fell on top of me. I internally noted this is the feeling of floppy. We kissed some more, she was rubbing my dick over my jeans. I paid the drinks and went back and said we were leaving. We started walking and of course I said I’d need to use the toilet first, she went into the women’s and I into the men’s. I finished off and waited for her outside the door. I waited a few minutes and started to hear hoovering coming closer. Two men started cleaning next to the entrance of the toilet. She came out put her coat on and started walking off. Internally I yelled “Motherfuckers!”.


All I want, yesterday

Take 2: I heard that somewhere in one of the casino toilets there was a decent disabled toilet. I took her there and went to sit down. We ordered two more drinks. More kissing, more drinking and more dick rubbing. I went off to the toilet to check if it was okay. You needed a key to enter. I went back and looked down at my watch. I had 1 hour till last trains. I told her straight “I will need to leave for my train soon, I either go home or I book a hotel. I’m not forcing you to do anything, but it’d be nice to hang out with you a bit longer”. She said “Ok, let’s do that if you want”.

Perfect, I have a girl who wants to get fucked, time to find a hotel. Only problem, no battery on my phone. I go ahead and charge it for half an hour at the charging point in the Casino and then proceed to use an Uber like service to find a hotel. For some reason, this app wouldn’t let me book for that night, but wanted me to book for the following. No bother, I called about 15 places before someone picked up and didn’t say they were fully booked. The guy quoted £50 and I returned to girl to finish off the drink she ordered.

I googled the place and saw bad review after bad review with loads of pictures of people with bed bug bites on their legs…back to the drawing board. I went off to call 15 more places before I gave up. I told her it wasn’t happening and I’d need to go home. I ordered a coach which would arrive in an hour.

At this point I’d been rejected three times due to logistics so I’d given up, a standard case of Murphy’s law. But at least it’s over. No.

After 10 mins we walked down to the bus stop, I showed her where hers was, kissed her (she wouldn’t get off me) and I went off to mine. The only problem was my bus would take too long, so I called a cab. The cabbie didn’t know where the place was so I took out my phone to direct. By the time I got to the coach station my battery was dead from all the GPS and calling use. I couldn’t show my ticket to the driver. As expected, he didn’t let me on.

So there I was 4:30am waiting for the bus to King’s Cross to catch the 7:00am train back home. If you take anything from this take:sort out your logistics early and bring a phone charger. Those two alone can save hours of frustration.


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