Wake me up when February ends

This weekend was supposed to be my first week back since the first week of February. I unintentionally took a 3 week hiatus. Valentine’s weekend I was with the Spanish Opare, and if you read that post you’d understand the reason I didn’t go out the following day. The second week was spent with my best friend. He’s moving back to the far east and will probably not be back again.

He’s in a bit of a funny situation where his girlfriend lives in Singapore and he in London. He’s completely torn as to if he should pursue his relationship with a girl he could marry (and she’s very much marriage material), or break up with her and come back to London. I’d like to see the latter, but have told him I expect him to stay with his girlfriend and wish him the best of luck.

Finally this weekend I’ve been ill. I’m in bed with a nasty cold. Next week I’ll try to finish the unfinished business with the Spanish Opare. Setting aside the Saturday daytime and maybe Friday evening, the weather isn’t helping at all but it should pick up this month.

Two weeks ago, my employer gave me my second verbal warning. The first week was very emotionally draining for me, but they’ve outlined and planned where I need to improve and I have been pushing myself to meet their expectations. I’m at the stage where if they let me go, I’d be angry as I’ve put alot of effort in.

The good news is this month I started Muay Thai. I’ve never done any type of fighting sport but this should toughen me up and allow me to take my work stresses out on something.

As I said last month I wanted to get alot more approaches in, obviously I haven’t hit that, but at least I’ve had good excuse. Like any hiatus, I expect myself to be rusty. Last time I went out I did 5 approaches and got 3 numbers. I trust my ability to get back into the gist like I’ve done countless times, but I do not expect myself to work on all cylinders for a few days.

This post was merely written to not beat myself up over this month, alot has happened and like Krauser mentions in his post on his blog sometimes there is “a temporary confluence of factors against you”.

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