Daygame Season

It’s beautiful what a bit of sunshine can do to the streets and your mood. As mentioned, London has been dreary and cold as of late, on top of that I was ill and was too busy for a decent session. I’d been watching eagle-eyed at Accuweather’s month forecast waiting for the weather to be decent enough for the honeys to come out. And boy did they come out.

I met up with one of the City Daygame wings on the Friday evening, meeting up at Boots by Picadilly Circus. From here I did 6 sets and got one number from a girl with a boyfriend. As expected, the conversations were a little poor and my conversations didn’t last very long, but at least I did it. The workrate of the City Daygame lad was brilliant, when walking around with him it felt like I was on these streets for one job.

The next morning I woke up bright and early, I watched one of Torero’s videos. Tiger Eyes. I thought it’d be a good idea to go into the day with a technique to focus on and in particular a technique which gives a good reaction. I arrive in London at around 1. Mr S wouldn’t arrive for an hour so I ordered a proper meal from Bella Italia. Sitting in there I was very relaxed, I could see the girls walking past and just had a smile on my face.


Time to hit the streets

On the second day I did 10 more approaches and got two numbers. One was a 18 year old student who kept covering her face because of her braces. I could feel my vibe was getting alot better and although my conversations weren’t the best they’d certainly improved compared to the previous day. The second day was all about being relaxed. I was walking about the streets with Mr. S and Mr. H and just having good patter, occasionally going into a coffee shop.

On the Sunday, my game  vastly improved to the previous days. I really felt like I was coming up to running on all cylinders. Some of the conversations, were choppy at times, but when it worked, it worked well. I continued approaching with strong tiger eyes and fractionating after the stack as to not weird them out. Both this and what I said to them got the girls giggling away. In the end I did 13 approaches and got 4 numbers.

Over the weekend I did 29 approaches and got 7 numbers. 3 of these 7 responded, I believe it was both the preparation and the amount of sets I did which got me these results. For me good preparation is setting aside a few days to daygame, starting the session around noon, getting a meal beforehand and not being hungover.

The issue I have at the moment is consistently converting text responses to dates. I was pretty close on one of them but she was going back to Brussels. I will need to ground a bit and talk about myself. But I feel good with my daygame and the amount of fun I’m having on the streets.

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