Solo Adventures

So I thought I’d put a blog post up, I’ve been reading Bodi’s book and have seen that even when he was meeting up with the RSG guys he was still putting up his depressive posts. I’ll address a few things here, firstly my absence.

At the end of last month, I lost my job. Technically I left on my own accord, but the performance reviews kept progressing and although I was on alternate months improving then reverting, I felt I was getting pressured by the management to hand in my notice. Instead of fighting I gave in, 6 months of fighting had put enough strain on me and I’d rather just start afresh.

On top of that, I’m not sure if IT is for me, I have qualities to be good at it, but not the motivation to. That said, when I was younger I had a real passion for web development, so I may pursue that. What I do know is I should pursue some sort of online business whilst I look for a new job or pursue web development.

Finally, when I’m not doing so well in Daygame, I don’t like anyone knowing that. I haven’t been doing the worst, but because of my stop start nature of late, I haven’t been able to give it a proper go.

Next up,  field report: Today I went out to do some solo (not intentionally), it’s something I find incredibly tough, before I’m out I have to text my wings and ask if they’re out, I just can’t seem to deal with doing it.

I managed to do 6 sets (1 number, 1 married woman), 5 on my own, then another 1 with wings. I went to wings as I was too scared to stay out on my own. I was doing alot of weaseling but knew wings would give me that added confidence.

I did learn a few things though:

  • Due to lack of practice, I’ve lost a bit of the LDM. To counteract this, I’ll reread Beginner Daygame to get back into the gist.
  • When chasing after a set, I wait for the “optimal” time to approach, this loses alot of girls. I need to have more of a killer instinct, both when with wings and when solo. This will also help the lack of sets I’m doing.

I think it’ll be important for me to reread Beginner Daygame, then focus on being quicker with my opens. I will also need to spend 2 sessions a week solo to build up my self -reliance.

Outside of daygame, I’m going to create a timetable, so I can spend a couple of hours in the gym, daygaming, job hunting, researching an online business and developing a website. I may need to alternate days with the latter two to not overwork myself but it should keep me sane.

I’ll shine some positivity on this post though, due to having time off, I booked my first solo travel to Copenhagen, on Tuesday I put myself into a hostel and see what I could do. I met some people and looked around the city, all by myself.

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