Spanish Inquisition

So here it is, the bi-monthly “I’m back” blog post. Shortly after my last blog post I had a job interview with a software house in London, I got it! I’ve been at the company for 3 weeks now and can say at the company is definitely for me. It is very laid back with lad environment.

This means I have now moved into London, so no more complaining about shitty logistics, especially as it’s in Shoreditch.

Last weekend the Spanish opare left for Spain indefinitely. I’d been seeing her for nearly half a year. We had gotten quite close and I shared alot with her; I’d gone away with her, learnt alot about her and pretty much shagged in every hotel in London. She might not have been much more than a 6, but she was definitely someone I could’ve seen being with for quite a long time. She never gave me shit and I never felt I had to play power battles with her. She was the female and I the male.




The last night before she left she admitted she loved me and I admitted the same, but it was different than when I’d said it to my ex. With my ex it felt like I was in an emotion filled hole. Whereas with the Spaniard it felt like I was just telling her I liked her in a strong way. I’m not taking away the fact I said it, just that it felt so easy to say things to her and know I wasn’t putting a hindrance into how she felt with me, for saying things I didn’t perceive as masculine.

The irony though is I shagged a South Korean tinder bird the night before.

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