Hong Kong Phooey

A session on Sunday brought 3 leads and 3 responses; a Canadian, a Romanian and a Hong Kong girl. The HK girl was around 5 foot and just dressed like she’d be dirty. Being my 8th approach of 10 I was quite socially lubricated. I caught her walking away from Covent Garden towards the royal courts and bantered about her being from Hong Kong.

The set was far from clean, but she gave a good response, I tried for an instant date but she came up with the silly excuse of being too full for a drink. Funnily, out of the 3 girls she gave the best response to the feeler text.

I got her out yesterday evening, taking her to Tottenham court road (I learned on school nights not to take girls to places where venues are too far apart). She arrived with slutty short shorts. I wanted to rip them off.


filthy little thing.

From her actions, she wasn’t massively into me, but I ran through the motions of teasing incessantly and escalating, which she didn’t give any resistance to. In the second venue I made out with her. she wasn’t super into it, but I just kept going through the motions.

At the final venue – a famous daygamer hotel venue in Trafalgar sq., the waitress recognised me from the times I had brought many dates there before. She looked at me and said “Heineken?”, I smiled and responded “Yes, please”. We all had a nice chat, she’d given me a bad look a time before – but this time, she was winging me as she had done when she gave myself and the Spanish opare a free cocktail on Valentine’s day.

The girl and I moved over to the sofa once free and she fell on my arm. It was on.

After my drink, I paid and we left, she wanted to take the tube back to hers, I said “no, you’re coming with me”. She wouldn’t take a bus so to win the war, I just ordered an Uber. She started to do the same – I told her it would be cheaper from mine, hoping that would give me some time. It didn’t, the driver couldn’t find us and when he did, the entire journey was spent talking Uber. This popped the bubble and when we arrived at mine, she stayed in the car. Both myself and the driver were bemused.

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