Clearly Rambo isn’t my real name, it was a name given to me by my university mates for my approaching. Like most I got into the community via The Game by Neil Strauss. Through his and Mystery’s teachings I took action in the night time. I wasn’t very good.

Years later I discovered that you could actually talk to women during the day, in fact there was a name for it; Daygame and there began my trip down the rabbit hole. In 2015, whilst still living with parents, I managed to seduce and shag a handful of girls. And the rest…well they’re just good stories.

Join me in my pursuit of poon..


Game, set and match

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I never got the chance to thank you for following my site, despite seeing you at Krauser’s =P . Now that you have your “about” page though I can thank you properly.

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