Hitting a home run

Last weekend didn’t start off too well. By the time I’d got in and met Mr S and Vaugn the rain was pouring it down. Still I managed six sets, of what I remember, a timid girl who didn’t speak and another holding a Barbie pink snowboard. I accused her of stealing it.

Sunday was alot better, began our day at Trafalgar sq. I started by opening a tall English girl who was walking like she owned the streets. She loved the approach, but had to rush off. My second was alot better, a Canadian with her camera as high as anything, taking snaps of the lions. I told her this, she loved it. I spoke to her for a bit and found out she was a…[drum roll]…tourist, here for one more day. Just my luck I thought, then something hit me whilst taking her number. Fuck it, I’m taking her out, so I suggested we’d meet later for a drink. She agreed and even said “my hotel’s in Russel Sq.” (I didn’t really think she was being suggestive during the conversation). I grabbed her number and let her continue her day sightseeing.


Excuse me, can I say something…

I did loads more sets, spoke to another Canadian tourist, here with her university. I got her number before she went off to a west end show with her school. [I’m texting her as we speak]. Another number was from an 18 year old Egyptian student (all I could think of was “fuck the Arab all over again. I bet she’s a virgin too”). After this I got a number off a older posh English who was on her way to a date purely through cheek(she didn’t text back though, date must’ve gone well). I managed about 10 sets and 4 numbers.

It wasn’t until half 9 I’d meet up with her, my wing had a date from 6:30pm so I was left to my own devices. Which consisted of doing some work whilst drinking.

Half 9 came and I met up with her in front of Covent Garden station. I took her down to a pub which was pretty empty and started drinking and chatting. The majority of the conversation was about each other and I did alot of teasing.

At about 11, the bar staff told us they were closing up. I took her to the next place and took seats at the bar. This made the kino very easy and the kiss soon followed. We moved over to the sofa and she just just fell on me.

By one in the morning the place closed up, we left and the rain was awful. I called a cab and said to her “I’ll take you back to yours and fuck off”. Obviously that didn’t happen and I left the next morning and was at work with 2 hours sleep. Totally worth it, she was a total animal in the sack. Too bad she was leaving for France.

Honestly, the whole thing was very straight forward. The main thing was leading and taking the initiative to touch and kiss.

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