Tinder – a game of Jack in the Box

A few weeks ago on my week off I picked up a cute little Arab number. After a few days texting she fell off the tree, a bit disappointing but very much Daygame behaviour. Over the past year at least a handful of women have overtly said to me. I’m sorry, I don’t want to see you. I say thank God for these women, I mean of course I’m not fucking them, but at least they have the courtesy to tell me…which gives me the opportunity to give them a nice but nonchalant response).

Minutes after receiving one of these messages from the Arab, a girl who’d said the same thing to me in November popped up on WhatsApp. After a couple days of texting, I got her out. It was a Tinder one so I was expecting Shamu, but was happy the Gods had granted me with a well spoken black girl (who looked Indian).


Fingers crossed, yesterday

The issue I have with women who speak so well, is they are generally more clued up on frame controlling. Initially this girl was a giggly mess, but soon turned into her asking me question after question.

All I could think of was “she’s looking for a boyfriend, she’s screening me”. Luckily I’ve been on enough dates and am cocky enough to just answer in ways that me laugh. For example (rough question she asked): “So you do IT, so your head is inches from computers all day?”. “No, I spend my time leaning back like a lion, occasionally itching my balls”. Who knows if I did the right thing, but who cares it made me laugh and I much prefer a girl who is more chill than screening me as her future husband.

Anyway, this girl only stayed on the date for an hour. Muttered something about having medicine for sister in her bag. She definitely likes me, but she was firmly in her ways of trying to frame control and looking for a boyfriend.

As you can see from the title, this is a post about Tinder. Tinder in my opinion is pretty easy and I’d recommend it for the dating newbie but only the dating newbie. Unless you bang a girl of good enough quality you shouldn’t be using it as an intermediate if at all.

That being said, it is a brilliant tool to get sufficient at texting and being used to dating. In fact, during my long plateau period last year, I had to go on Tinder to keep my sanity. But a word of caution, unlike Day Game though you’ll have dates which are a shite. Be it because of them using excellent MySpace photo angles or because they have shit chat.


2 thoughts on “Tinder – a game of Jack in the Box

  1. I have come to the same conclusion about Tinder. Abundance of below-average girls I get from Tinder makes me lazy and I won’t improve on daygame. But it’s definately great tool for a beginner just wanting to get laid.

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