Spanish Opare – Part 1

As I said earlier last week, I was in the process of getting a nice little Spaniard out. I got her out last Saturday night. Bit of backstory she’s cute, I can’t entirely judge her till I see her whole body as she has a slightly chubby face.

I was a little worried as she had explained on text that she needs to improve her English. I was hoping my responses would position me in a way that was like, I’m not helping you out with English but I will date you.

My initial date did not work for her, she’s an opare in south west London. This makes it alot harder for me, logistics are basically either toilets or hotel. I found a pretty good app to book last minute hotel rooms, I may use it(part of me thinks this might be harder than the former). Nonetheless, Toilets of London isn’t going to write itself.


I took her to Le Pain. I wanted to make sure we got on. I was in quite a lazy mood, so talked here and there, asking questions to maintain leadership. She was quite chatty, but quite boring. Nothing she said I was interested in enough to be more proactive with. At one point I thought “maybe I don’t fancy her”. It was weird, she’s not my ideal 10, but she is a cute girl. At one point she just said, “Tell me more about you”. I couldn’t think of anything, maybe I should’ve said something cocky as I normally would, but she was right. What does she know about me?

At the Outlaw Daygame event, Torero explained that women generally don’t know much about you. Of course they need to know a little bit, but you’re not selling yourself like a K selected guy would. Vaughn at CityDaygame explained in one of his recent posts that he has lost his passion with Web design and how when a girl has an identity of you, she projects onto you all her ideas of that identity.

I’m not talking about the hobby being my identity, but I am talking about loves outside of game to ground you. So maybe it’s time for me to get into a sport.

Ideally, you don’t want to get to the point where a girl says “Tell me more about yourself?”. I don’t want to throw in DHVs to validate myself to her, but I should however have a passion, or at least a hobby. Similar to a friend who has an unhealthy infatuation with a particular girl in class, your passion will seep through into your conversations. And if she does ask the question, you can either be cocky about it, or say “Like I said, I really love x because xyz”.

Going back to the date. After a while I took her out to a Wine bar, I bought this drink as well. In the next date I will ask her to pay. And we continued talking, I started doing kino, whilst chatting more. There were times when I was telling stories that I felt like we were getting on.

At two points she picked up her phone. First time I was fine with it, but second time, I told her to put her phone away, she then explained it was her friends birthday and asked if it was ok to leave within half an hour. I retorted “Is it important?”, she said “Yes”, and I responded in a displeased manner “If it is important, then you should go”. I then proceeded to give her very little for about 5 minutes. I could see she was trying harder, giving me more. I finally gave her some more attention and procceded back to normal.

At no stage did I feel she was ready for the kiss as she made some objections when I touched her hair and ears. After half an hour she said she’d have to leave soon, I thought fuck it kiss close time. I went in and she was looking down at her phone, I said “look up”, she did. And made out with her, she didn’t want to stop.

We spoke for a bit longer and I said she wouldn’t make it but I’d give her a lift in my car as I’m going past there. I had no reason to suggest a lift, but I knew it would give me some longer time. Once we arrived at my car, we kissed some more, she was alot more passionate and didn’t want to stop. I then drove her to Camden.

The next day I text her:


If she left so soon it means it wasn’t that important. I wouldn’t have minded if she just told me she’d have to leave during the early parts of the date. I decided to ignore her:

What I did worked, I know I should be more non-chalant, but I did not want to be walked over with this and the picking up her phone twice.

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