Spanish Opare Part 3

The preparation for this date started earlier than the date itself. I knew if she was coming out she knew I’d go for sex. So really I had two options, a toilet lay or taking her back to a hotel. As much as I’d love to tick off a toilet lay, too much happened the previous date and it’s not very often I get a lay with a girl who doesn’t have a place in London. Although there is a stigma of hotels being harder (they feel the expectation), I booked it anyway.

I doubted any silly buggers would come up as she’d know what I was going for. But if they did, I’d improvise. The booking process was pretty simple, the iPhone application I used was “Booking Now” and it literally took a couple of minutes to book. I wanted a place which had no reception and brilliant logistics. This place ticked both, It was in Earl’s court and a 5 minutes drive to where I’d chosen to meet her.

To prevent the issue with finding a pub, I chose Notting Hill. The first bar we went to was a 10 minute walk from the station.We chatted along the way, although I described my week as pretty good, she described hers as shit…this was the beginning.


We arrived, the conversation was good, but she kept talking about how shit it was looking after kids and not earning too much. I was responding, but noticed this was turning into some sort of spiral. So I went between watching Leicester playing on the TV and flirting with her by making fun of her, making up random role plays, talking very mockingly proudly of myself and talking about animals. This diverted her well and we got back to some better topics.

We walked up to Portobello Road, it was pretty cold by now, so felt awesome to get to a quiet pub with a fireplace. We sat down in the lounge next to each other and started flirting away. As normal, I let her take on most of the talking and changed topic, teased or spoke seriously when I wanted. What I noticed again like in the previous date, was this girl kept opening me up by asking me questions. Questions like what’s the most embarassing thing you’ve done? and when was the last time you cried? Now although neither of these have I done in a while nor would I answer, it was a bit weird to be asked these. Was she running game on me?

Anyway, we were making out and her grabbing my dick throughout. We were getting drunker and drunker.When she went to the toilet I attempted to try and figure out how I would extract her, but couldn’t think of anything. When she returned we chatted for a bit more and in my head I thought “fuck it” and said “I’m staying in London tonight and I’m taking you back”. She responded “Ok, but let’s have one more beer”.

Simple. I told her to go off and get two more beers, she returned and we chatted until the bottles were empty. As we walked back down Portobello Road looking at the houses, she started doing a weird jog. It turned into a Yad stop and she jumped me. I chuckled. She did the same when we got back to the hotel, minus the Yad stop.


When you type in “Yad stop” into Google Images. Cheers Kimmy

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