The end of a dry spell of sorts

Two weeks ago, Mr H and I we were sitting in the Grosvenor Casino ordering, winding down from a daygame session. I’d done a handful of approaches – I may have gotten a close.

As we were dissecting our day, I came to the sudden realisation. I hadn’t been on a date from daygame since the Spaniard. I came close in May, but that never came through. I sat there in shock for a few minutes thinking how’d I gone that long, scouring through my phone for even the smallest indication. Nothing. Absolutely fuck all.

It’s not that I haven’t had dates, or even had lays. So far I’ve had a Canadian, Spaniard, Algerian, South Korean, Persian and a Nigerian – who was my first black girl. The last four are tinder birds and although they’re 6.5 to 7s, the quality is just not good enough. I see the birds the City Daygame lot and Roy Walker lays and goddamn, I’m jealous.

As a result of this realisation, I went in harder, did more approaches, I recorded some sets and I ended the daygame date dryspell.

A few days later, Mr H and I decided to do some solo daygame and meet each other a bit later. Music playing in my ear, I did my first approach – it was a bit shit. The second however was alot better, she was from South Korea and not very talkative, but I ploughed on. I later found out she ended up walking around London for hours and had gotten lost, it felt like a failure taking her number instead of instant dating.

I did another three, meeting up with Mr H before stumbling across a leggy English pre-uni student. By this stage I was conversationally warmed up, the chat was good, with a decent amount of banter. I took the number.

Over the next week, the girl was a little bit weird over text, constantly bantering to the point she was confrontational. In the end I cut the thread and just asked her out.

Getting to the date had issues written all over it, I had already told her I’d be 30 mins late as I thought she might flake. But was delayed further by poor tube services. I told her to meet me at the bar.

This was a mistake, I should’ve let her wait there for me and walk her up – The walk up usually normalises everything and allows me lead. An alternative could’ve been to tell her to get me a lager.

I am always put off by proper British girls, the type that speaks eloquently with an air of “I know it all”. This girl was that type. I don’t talk too much in dates, but when I do, I’m usually quite cheeky, but everything I said there was no response – she was 18 but she was overly mature.

And then she started talking politics. The problem is I have a very neutral view on everything, but it seems like everything I believe in after university has been the same as someone on the right would. But there are alot of internal debates as I just haven’t done my research (I also believe strongly that everyone else is clueless and just follows what they see on TV or what the people around them believe – sheep).

Anyway this girl is a politics student, who did law and is anti-brexit, anti-trump and what seems like a socialist. I attempted to steer the conversation away by saying “I don’t like to talk politics”. But from what Roydaygame said to me later after his date: smash the frame. I won’t beat myself up about it though, this girl would’ve been extremely difficult to argue against.


And it would probably say “you should really wash your hands after wiping down here”.

We managed to eventually steer away from the conversation, but by this point I was less interested in her personality, she just seemed like a power hungry bully. I continued though and attempted to throw more teases around to spike attraction…this obviously didn’t work as she was oblivious to flirting.

Throughout the whole interaction she was leading by asking alot of questions, in the next bar the attitude changed and there was alot more rapport. This was alot better, but all in all, the date was dead by now. We parted ways soon after.

What I’d take out of it:

  1. Because there is no running away from even my views on politics; dissect my view on Trump, Brexit and anything I have an uneducated view on. Use that later to smash frames, but only as a last resort.
  2. Don’t buy some random brand of booze for the girl, regardless if she says “oh buy me any cider”.
  3. Be more punctual, if very late, tell them to wait at the bar and to order a drink (yet to be tried and tested).
  4. Cut dates short, it may change the attitude of the girl (yet to be tried and tested).
  5. Accept some girls just cannot be fucked – not because of a lack of ability, but more due to personality clashes and sometimes even political difference.

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